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How to make the best dog photos

How to make the best dog photos

There are days when we want to take a photo of our furry pets: to show our pretty cat or to take some crazy dog picture. Though they are definitely very cute, the process of looking at a camera does not attract our dogs. So, you need to improvise and trick them.

To make a beautiful photo, you need to bring not only the camera itself but also to buy some preppy dog accessories.

1. Pack your dog’s favorite treats, do not forget about water.

2. Bring some toys—a playing dog is the best scene for a shot.

3. Use noisemakers and squeakers. You can buy special training clickers or use a kazoo.

4. A retractable leash is a useful accessory for a dog’s photo session. In this way, you can let him free for some shots. Of course, this must-have item is a necessary accessory but it can also become a real complication. On the photo, it can turn out as a tasteless blurring spot and ruin the picture. There are a few ways of avoiding such troubles.

The first and the simplest way is to buy a cute designer lash. This way it will brighten up the picture. Also, you can try to hide it behind your pet or hold the leash to the side so it will not cross “Buddy’s” fur. Keep it stretched but not too hard—you can yank the collar off the dog’s neck or it will simply look odd.

Cats and dogs pictures

In case you have a mini-nursery at home, you can always make a collective photo of all your pets. The most common (and the cutest one) combination is a fancy example of a love-hate relationship between cats and dogs. In movies, they are arch-enemies but at home they often behave as best buds.Take advantage of it and make the most adorable photo of your life.

At first, try to get along with the dog—the chances are that he will stay put. Then try to catch the cat and calm it down. Place it near your dog and do not forget to pet it all the time. In any case, you can ask your friend to hold your freedom-loving pet. If your cat and dog like each other and are used to playing together you will not need any assistance. And, finally, try to snap as many pictures as you can before one of them runs off.

The best possible way to include them into your life is to make family pictures with pets.

The simplest way is to put everybody in a straight line, but where is the fun in it? You can be more creative and use a staircase, chairs or cushions to give the picture different layers and heights.

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