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How to Make a Viral Video: Tips From the Internet Ex-Stars

How to Make a Viral Video: Tips From the Internet Ex-Stars

The Internet is a magical country from our childhood dreams that allows you to become a superstar overnight. Everything you need to do is to figure out how to make a viral video and just wait for your prime time. Like it or not, but the fame can fade as easily as it was gained. And the internet proved to be crowded with heroes of viral videos who do not want to let their fame go so easily. Here are several stories of people trying to stay on the internet celebrities list.

The first ex-star is Adam Nyerere Bahner, better known under the pseudonym Tay Zonday or the author of the “Chocolate Rain”. The simple yet catchy song went viral in several days, turning Tay into a superstar. There was hardly a show he did not appear on, he was even interviewed by Good Morning America twice. But soon the fame started to fade. Zonday tried to record some new covers, mostly of hit songs. Also, he posted a stream on Twitch where he plays Hearthstone. Besides that, he tries to venture the world outside the Internet by getting a role in The Jack And Triumph Show.

Another person who became famous mostly by an accident and a little bit of courage is Red Shirt Guy (real name— Ian Bates). The kid, who just finished reading “The Shattering”, pointed out a huge mistake of the authors adored by a half of the globe and left with an indifferent face. He was painted several times, mentioned in shows and even became a non-playable character in a video game (dressed in a red shirt). But Ian’s 15 minutes passed, and now he is an ordinary person again. The only thing special about Ian is that he keeps asking the pickiest questions, that make Blizzard speakers shiver every time.

The last story is rather sad, as people do not usually care much about the characters of viral videos. They just click a link, and new fame victim is born. Jessi Slaughter became a star due to an unfolding home drama and was even taken away from her parents. A year later she recorded a video saying sorry to everyone she might have hurt, so the story has a happy ending.

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