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How to Lure Your Friends Into Board Games

How to Lure Your Friends Into Board Games

You like the concept of board games, but you are alone in this hobby? Do not suffer from unrealized desires—lure your friends into the board gaming. The best way to introduce this specific kind of group entertainment is to start with gateway games. To make it completely clear, let us define the term. Gateway board games are a kind of starting games “for dummies”. Under no circumstances they should be considered dumb, these games are just relatively easy to explain to a newcomer and include the main techniques and mechanisms of all board games.

Whether you are new in board gaming or an experienced player, there are some classics that are completely necessary to know and to play, as they are the best games that have already become icons of the genre. We will introduce you a list of classics that will provide you the best entertainment for the evening and that have easy-to-teach rules.


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