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How to get off the couch and start doing sports

How to get off the couch and start doing sports

We have some good news for you. If you are willing to do sports but at the same time you cannot start doing anything because you hate exercise, the reason for this situation may be not your laziness, but your genes. Admit it, you always suspected something like this.

A study done last year proves that your willingness to do and enjoy exercise may be determined by your genes. OK, we must confess that the research was based on experiments with mice, but we truly believe that when it comes to the choice of weather to keep good physical form, genetics plays a great role for humans, too.

|Luckily, we know some effective ways how to cope with your innate feelings and preferences. These tips will also help you to get out of a vicious circle “difficult to start exercising gaining weight even more difficult to do any sports at all gaining even more weight”. And this is what most of us genetically-programmed-to-be-fat want, isn’t it?

So here is the plan of how to get your butt off your couch.

Choose the discipline you want to start with correctly

When it comes to selecting a physical activity, most of us choose running. And that is the biggest mistake. Usually, people try running outside because it is cheap and looks quite simple. But if you need to lose weight, that is not the best option. It may be good for maintaining your physical form or for improving your endurance, but it will not give you much in the way of fat burning results.

We do not say that running is bad, it is not. But choose it only if you truly love it. If your goal is the weight loss, then try some walking (it is as free as running), going in the gym (if time and finances permit) or try exercising at home using your own body weight.

Create a habit

Do not try to convince yourself that you will eventually love your training. You would not. Instead, you can create a habit. The secret is in sticking to reaching some certain results. Once you pick the activity you like (or hate less than others), find one improvement that will give you the most joy. If you are doing yoga or Pilates, that can be mastering some difficult positions. If you choose running, it might mean better time on your sprint. More kilometers of walking is also a good goal.

Improve your baseline

You already figured out what you want to start with, what you want to reach, now it is a proper time to embark on a workout program for beginners. Do not try to invent something new, there are plenty of good programs that you can find on the Internet or that trainers in the gym can suggest. Write down what you can do before starting a program and a week later. It can be an amount of push-ups or a time spent walking before you get tired. It will show you how much success you have reached. Now you can celebrate your personal improvements every week.

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