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How to avoid being a jerk when everyone around is

How to avoid being a jerk when everyone around is

Almost everyone who works in the restaurant business or in retail knows that after talking to a rude or nasty person you can spoil you mood for a whole day. Meeting a jerk is like eating a bomb, after that, you need only a small reason to detonate and turn into a jerk yourself. It seems that rudeness is contagious, whether it Internet trolls, arrogant coworkers or impolite strangers, once you get in contact with them, the chances of your transformation into a jerk increases substantially.

So, here are some tips to avoid reflecting someone else’s jerky behavior.

Think that it is probably not about you

You should understand, that you cannot do anything about someone else’s behavior, but you can choose instead how to react to it. It might sound a bit far-fetched, but comprehending this idea can save you lots of nerve cells. Even if you accidentally did something wrong, there is no reason to humiliate you, there are other ways to point out a mistake. If a client says rude words to you, the real reason can be that he was already irritated by someone else before he met you.

Choose a different reaction

Living in a big city sometimes might look like living in a place full of jerks. Someone cuts your car off while commuting, people elbow you in the queue near the cash desk in a supermarket, you get postbox full of spam letters, lots of things can go wrong. But instead of getting pissed off, try to react the opposite of what you usually do in these situations. Break the vicious circle of rudeness, take control over your own reactions.

Be assertive without being an asshole

We must admit that sometimes people ARE jerks, and for some reason they indeed can bully you or insult you on purpose. It is especially true for working area. In this case, you should not tolerate rude behavior as this can impact not only your mood but your performance, too. Simply being nice with these people might not work, but cultivating rudeness can also be counterproductive. We suggest you to use some of the tips:

– Do not share the information about your private life and keep your media accounts private.

Confront the bullies about their behavior, most of them will give up as soon as you call them out.- – If you cannot solve the situation by yourself, tell someone who can help, usually it is your HR manager.

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