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How Pokémon Go Can Help You Explore Your City

How Pokémon Go Can Help You Explore Your City

Released by Nintendo several weeks ago, Pokémon Go allows you to travel between the real world and virtual reality. Using Niantic’s A.R. Technology, the app places your avatar on a map indicating your location and shows you the nearest places called Pokéstops where you can get virtual Poké Balls and other things necessary for catching wild Pokémons. After you have caught one of these virtual creatures, you can train it in the nearest Gym. There, you can also find other Pokémon lovers and join teams once you reach Level 5.

Though the game rules may sound confusing to the newbies, you will become fully involved in this interesting hunting after you catch your Pikachu. As the game makes you get out on the street, here are some tips on how to discover and explore your city playing Pokémon Go.

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