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How not to turn into an asshole when you are on an airplane

How not to turn into an asshole when you are on an airplane

If you travel on airplane often enough, you know the struggles. Either your neighbor jabs you with his elbow, or you need to fight for a space for your luggage, or you sit next to a 260 pounds man and there is simply no space for you. Do not fall into hysterics, instead try to behave nicely. We can give you some advice on how to travel on a plane and remain a good person.

Let us start from the most conflicted place, the overhead compartment. Yes, we know that your luggage perfectly fits into the space, but please, do not try to stow it with the wheels or handle pointing toward the front and back of the plane. It might look OK for you, but it turns you into a jerk (and we all do not want that, right?). Simply turn the suitcase 90 degrees and the luggage of other passengers will fit into the compartment, too. Just like that.

If your luggage is really small, like a jacket or a cosmetics bag, be generous and do not claim precious space in the overhead compartment. Put it under your sit. Of course, you have right to use the compartment, but do not expect that other passengers will not put your little stuff somewhere else in order to place their big suitcases. So, by the end of the flight, you risk to be an asshole in others’ eyes, while you are looking for your jacket for 10 minutes and block the aisle.

Another annoying thing is the people talking too loud. Do not do so. We understand that all the hum and whooshing sounds of an airplane make you think that your friend does not hear you unless you scream. It is not like that. Better try to save your thrilling story about the recent shopping in a city mall until you land. Calm down and choose a player with headphones.

Never talk to people who want to be left alone. Maybe you consider yourself as interesting as Tyler Durden, but do not expect people to want to listen to what you are saying. They can start hating you instead.

One more piece of advice can save your karma. Do not recline your seat. Do you ever remember a moment when you felt happy for the person who did it in front of you? No? Do you remember then how irritated you were at this moment? Then do not spoil your karma and avoid dropping your seatback onto someone’s lap.

Generally, just try to be cool. More empathy and chill will save you from turning into an asshole. Relax. Read a book. Or fall asleep. By the time you arrive, a stewardess will wake you up.

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