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Home Sweet Home: The Most Expensive Homes You Would Love to Own

Home Sweet Home: The Most Expensive Homes You Would Love to Own

Even if you live in the most wonderful apartment, for instance, in the center of New York, with the view of the Central Park, there are still other places that are better, more expensive, and more luxurious than yours. Sorry to disappoint you, nothing personal. You may say that you are quite happy with what you have, but be honest with yourself: if you had enough money to buy anything, just anything you wanted, would you not choose the best of the best?

As you can guess, the most expensive houses belong to very rich guys, so to find the most luxurious villas and palaces, you need to have a look at the list of the World’s Billionaires. It seems that the guys have an unofficial competition: who will pay more for a house, who will make it more beautiful, who will spend more money on the interior, and finally, whose pool is bigger? Let us have a closer look at the mansions that cost millions (and billions) of dollars.


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