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Healthy food trends are just waste of money

Healthy food trends are just waste of money

The whole world seems to freak out about being healthy. We feel eager to find a magical way to become healthier just by doing one simple action or eating a panacea pill. And in this fuss we somehow manage to forget about ordinary, but effective things, and prefer follow healthy food trends even if they sound terrible.

Boring ordinary people start their morning with a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of juice. But if you are in the trend and are following all the recent “biohacks” that leak into the Internet, you have definitely heard about the butter coffee recipe. From the first sight, it looks a little bit weird. Yet, we all different, some people may like cheese with honey, some—coffee with butter (as a matter of fact, it is quite tasty). The hilarious part starts when Dave Asprey, entrepreneur and “biohacker”, introduces his coffee claiming it is super health-giving. Well, the one thing it would definitely give you is 450 extra calories.

Another health trend that will make you wonder whether the inventor was sober when he came up with this idea is baby detox. OK, since we are not biologists here it is hard to verify or falsify the fact that our body is full of toxins. By the way, please note that real intoxication usually has evident symptoms, like it happens in cases of flu, poisoning or drug/alcohol overdose. Otherwise, your body is able to manage the waste and toxins it gets from the surroundings. And if there is someone who does not need a detox, it is a baby. Because, come on, babies do not drink or smoke, they eat healthy food and sleep most of the day. Babies seem to have the healthiest type of lifestyle!

So, before paying those smart marketing guy for his Bahamas holiday, think twice—can this product help you? And if so, would not it be a placebo you think it is because you have just paid 75$ for it? Also, remember about boring things that are actually proven to be effective, like proper sleep, light exercises, enough fresh air and many others similar activities you know almost by heart. Better spend your money on your own holiday, even if it will not be on the Bahamas.

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