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Ginger campus cat Bubba got his own student ID card

Ginger campus cat Bubba got his own student ID card

San Jose High School surprised everyone with their new student. A little ginger cat named Bubba has got his own ID card and has become an official student of Leland High School, San Jose, CA.

The purring ginger student

It may seem like Bubba was adopted by the school, that became his second home, but the cat has had a home even before that. His owners, the Marienthals family, live near two San Jose schools―Bret Harte Middle School and Leland High School. Since Bubba is a completely outdoor cat, his owners have no other choice but to let him walk where and when he wants. This is how this cute ginger cat appeared on the school’s campus.

The cat did not hesitate and found his way into every single classroom very quickly. Moreover, he can lay on the soccer field, whether or not there is a game going. He walks down the school hallways, hangs out with other students in classrooms and tries to catch his part of the lunch in the cafeteria.

It is no wonder that the school administration gave up under the students’ pressure and made a special student ID card for Bubba.

Cat’s life at school: full of surprises and entertainment

Now Leland High School surely can be called Bubba’s second home. He plays, eats and sleeps there. To get in or out of any room in the building he needs just to meow a few times. And when something goes wrong, Bubba needs to meow a little bit louder.

One time, the funny ginger cat even got lost in the school. He was locked up in one of the classrooms—accidentally, of course. Poor cat had to wait for rescue for about 36 hours. Thanks to his extremely loud meowing, the school security heard him and saved the little animal.

Bubba spends the most part of his day in the school. But when all classes and trainings come to an end, he goes back to his owners. Now the San Jose ginger cat is so popular, that he even got his own page on Facebook. He has already got about 3,000 subscribers and this is just the beginning. Search for “Bubba the Cat” and you will find more funny stories about this fluffy prankster.

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