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Fox Movie Channel Preparing Great Adaptation of Russian Thriller

Fox Movie Channel Preparing Great Adaptation of Russian Thriller

Good news for thriller fans all over the world! You have already watched every film and series that can be relatively called a “thriller” and feel like all the following weekends, and even Christmas holidays, will be boring? Now you at least have something to wait for. Fox movie channel has announced a new thriller, based on a Russian series called Through My Eyes. Joel Wyman and Lawrence Bender are ready to start working on the project, according to their social media accounts.

The story, which will be called Eyes, is a streak of different situations told from the points of view of different characters in each episode. The series was first broadcasted in 2013 and instantly gained great popularity. Its unique feature lies in the feeling of reality of everything happening on the screen, due to filming with a GoPro-like camera attached to the main actor of each episode. The story evolves in a secret scientific laboratory, where the greatest minds try to reach immortality using a special mechanism that can extract the human soul from the body and move it into another body.

Eyes is likely to be a new step in the broadcasting TV series genre, which became popular due to the great success of American Horror Story.  Since the series will be ongoing, a shift of the storyteller in each episode can produce unique plot twists and add important details.

Wyman, who is very excited to be back on the Fox movie channel and to work on something he loves, will work on the script and be an executive producer together with Kevin Brown, Zaur Bolatev and Lawrence Bender. Fox Television Studios has already purchased the rights to the series with both Bolatev and Bender attached. The crew also includes Alex Reznik, who will be an executive producer, since he has great experience in adapting Eastern European ideas and formats. His East 2 West Entertainment did a great job with the Russian show Million Dollar Mind Game which was a great success on the ABC channel. We are already looking forward to see what comes out of the cooperation of these dedicated professionals, are you?

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