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Four Sports That Will Appear in Future

Four Sports That Will Appear in Future

In many popular sci-fi films, books, and comics, sports is often described as the only form of entertainment for the humanity that has survived the nuclear Armageddon. Sports disciplines evolve beyond recognition under the irrepressible fantasy of the authors and screenwriters, each of whom twists them in his own way. However, most of the technology was first described in fiction novels before being brought to life, and all fantasists agree on one thing: sports will undoubtedly exist in the future.

By the middle of this century, sports, in its current manifestation, will become useless. The world of modern technology and scientific research is growing with incredible speed. Plans to colonize the Moon and Mars seem to be less and less fantastic and unreachable. Space tourism becomes more and more available and goes beyond the realm of fiction. It is difficult to remember a sci-fi that does not feature teleporters, jet packs, lab-grown organs, self-driving cars, holodecks, and ubiquitous cyborgization of the global population. And according to numerous scientists, all these cool inventions are going to become available very shortly. Are you still skeptical on this matter? Look at these four most stunning sports of the future—it is time to believe in the unbelievable.


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