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Five Tips to Master the Art of Working From Home

Five Tips to Master the Art of Working From Home

If you are one of those blessed that can (and do!) work from home, we have something to say to you. First of all, it is now officially proved that working remotely indeed increases performance, and the increase is significant. The study shows that not everyone chooses to work from home, as for some people socializing with coworkers means more than having the opportunity to work in their own rhythm. But according to the study, those who favored telecommuting, statistically work more productively, are generally happier, and even quit less often.

Those people who took part in this study volunteered to work from home, which means they could have already had a natural preference for working remotely. There are still lots of people who are forced to do so, and maybe if they had a chance, they would prefer a chaotic fussy environment, which can be distracting for one, but helps to be more creative for others. There are also some people who lack self-discipline, and they may even hate working from home.

I am definitely not one of those haters because I love working outside the office, so I can share with you some tips on how to increase your productivity if you work from home.


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