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Find a real horror in a funny kid’s movie

Find a real horror in a funny kid’s movie

Kids adore funny movies. Grown ups adore suchlike animations too. But not every animation is as cute and innocent as it may seem to be. Here are the two most unexpected horror stories inside kids’ movies.

Massacre in the 2014 best short movie

Have you ever seen Pixar’s short movies? Watch The Dam Keeper and feel the difference. This one was made by two Pixar’s former art directors. It has even been named the kids’ favorite short at a few film festivals. But there is one huge “But”. We do not recommend you to choose this animation for a weekend evening based on watching only the trailer. When it comes to entertainment movies like “The Dam keeper,” you definitely have to watch it all, from the beginning and to the end credits.

The Dam Keeper” is a funny and even cute movie about the power of friendship and how bad it is to bully someone. At least, this is what it seems to be, when you watch the trailer. In fact, besides the weird friendship of a little pig and a fox, there is a ghastly story about the town windmill, where the little pig lives, and a deathly cloud, which would cover the whole town if not for the windmill.

Now guess what this little pig does when he sees his only friend laughing at him? He puts his gas-mask on and allows the deathly fog to kill all the citizens, including his best friend and all his enemies. At the last moment he realizes that he was wrong about the fox and saves other animals, but anyway, you better not allow your kids watch this movie. It will hardly teach them how to solve problems. The only lesson you can learn from this one is that you need to always keep your gas mask ready.

Dinosaurs with high IQ and cruel crows

Steven Spielberg certainly knows how to attract viewer’s attention. Incredible scenery, unimaginable special effects and epic endings—this is all about Spielberg’s movies. But, an animation he released in 1993, can destroy your sympathetic attitude to the American movie-maker.

We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Storyis a movie about smart and intelligent dinosaurs who can travel through time. Some kids called them via a magic radio so they came from the past. Then, an evil genius called Professor Screweyes appeared and everything went wrong. But the worst part of the movie is the scene, where the huge flock of crows devours the professor. You better keep your children away from the TV when it comes to that part, or just pick a better movie.

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