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Feel yourself like Captain America while you are cleaning your skin

Feel yourself like Captain America while you are cleaning your skin

There are lots of ways to add some more fun and entertainment to your routine skin cleaning, from singing your favorite songs to pretending to be a new Cleo. One of the Japanese cosmetic companies, named Isshin-do Honpo, offers you to join the team of Marvel superheroes.

Iron Man or Captain America?

If you are still wondering who is the best superhero in the world of Marvel comics, you can now get a chance to find it out in real life. Try out one of the two Marvel-styled masks, made by Japanese cosmeticians. You can choose a Captain America mask, or the one with Iron Man design.

This is the most simple way to make your daily skin care a little bit more entertaining. Just imagine, what else you can do while the mask is cleaning and recovering the skin on your face. You can play with kids, pretending that you have superpowers and actually can save the whole world. You can have a perfect beauty-day and make a fantastic photo shoot with your friends at the same time. You can also use this mask to decide whether or not you are going to pick one of the Marvel heroes’ costumes for the next Halloween.

Skeletons and animals fight for your beauty

The Marvel pack was officially licensed by Marvel Studios. But the idea of using Marvel superheroes’ images as a design basis for beauty-masks is not the only one creative move made by Isshin-do Honpo.

The company also sells funny masks with animal faces, so you can pretend to be a tiger or a panda. These two masks are designed in white and ginger colors. The company also offers so-called “kiss face pack” with two masks made in black, red and green colors. And a special skeleton-styled set for those who want to scare the hell out of their friends and neighbors.

Each pack with these hilarious beauty-masks includes two masks with different faces. Every mask is made of natural ingredients, so it should be safe for your skin. Standard set of ingredients includes water, lavender, hydrolyzed collagen and derivatives of vitamin C.

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