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Exploring manga. Does it differ from other comics?

Exploring manga. Does it differ from other comics?

The manga art is a unique Japanese comic style. As all forms of art, it has its own rules, characteristics, and archetypes. If you are interested in it and are trying to create your own comics you need to know them. The following are the four main archetypes groups of Japanese manga.

—The first category is “The good guys”. Not all of them are similar. There are a few most common manga character types.

—The Rookie. He is new at a school or university. He is energetic and usually has androgynous facial features (as do many other male manga characters).

—The best friend—usually a loyal buddy who accompanies the protagonist.

—The friendly female. She represents love and support to the rookie.

—The wise mentor. He has vast experience and is full of wisdom. He gives advice to youngsters and steers them onto the right pass.

—The adorable geek. He is, obviously, very clever and fiercely loyal.

—The musclehead. This character is the opposite of the previous one. “The bulk” usually acts without thinking and dominates the team physically.

The second category is “The bad guys”. Though they are the villains of any story, some of them may become the favorite characters of many readers due to their intelligence, cunning and “cool demeanor”. They can be both female and male.

—The most important one is the gorgeous icy villain. He is mysterious, cunning and handsome. His everyday color is black. This is the main antagonist of the story.

—The evil witch. She is usually gorgeous as well. With her bikini dark armor and dangerous magic, you never know what she can do next.

—The mighty fighter. He uses his muscles to enslave the world and never leaves his armor at the headquarters.

—The military hellcat. She is a power-lusting sorehead. Her ever-present evil smile warns you not to come close.

Damsels in distress should be classified as a separate group—as they are usually the catalysts of the main hero’s adventures.

—It may be the curious little sister who is usually captured in order to provoke the rookie.

—The innocent school girl acts similarly to the previous type with the exception of her shy demeanor. Both girls never die—no matter what.

—The loyal damsel is not shy nor is she as naive as “the sister”. She is composed and faces the ordeal with dignity.

The last category is specific for Shôjo mangas (comics for teen girls).

—The Slumdog millionaire girl. At the start, she is a simple commoner or an orphan, but as the story unfolds she starts living a better life and becomes popular.

—As in any story for young girls, the heroine needs her Knight in shining armor. He is handsome and flawless. He is the man of her dreams.

These are the main archetypes of manga characters. Considering that, as in any other art, these comics are divided into various genres targeted at specific audiences, this list does not cover all the possibilities.

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