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Enjoy the top 9 magazines for men

Enjoy the top 9 magazines for men

With the development of digital technologies, many people start complaining about a crisis in the printed publication industry. Despite an obvious decrease in printed press sales, men’s magazines remain profitable. In fact, the number of subscriptions for paper magazines has recently even increased. Let us remember the top publications that became the lifestyle guides for thousands of men.

Undoubtedly, the most important and popular magazine is Men’s Health. As the title says, it is a kind of an instruction for men who take care of their body. Here you can read about new training methods, healthy food and nutrition rules. If you want to have a perfect body, this periodical is for you.

The second place goes to Forbes. This magazine is read by businessmen all over the world. It contains financial articles that will advise you on how to make your dreams come true.

GQ is a magazine for a wide audience. The monthly publication includes information about everything—from fashion to technologies.

Hugh Hefner’s creation, Playboy is the most popular adult magazine in the world. For more than 50 years, it has been attracting men who would like to see not only gorgeous women but deep professional articles as well.

Originally, Car and Driver was a magazine about imported sports cars. Now it includes news about a wide variety of vehicles. People love this periodical for its editorials in which publishers tell the truth about cars no matter what brand it is.

Next is a former high-class men’s magazine Esquire. But during the Great Depression it expanded the audience and now it is read by people of all social standings.

The best men magazine about sports is American Sports Illustrated. The number of its subscribers is very impressive—3,5 million subscribers read it annually.

Despite being a British periodical, The Economist is actually an international magazine. Like Forbes, The Economist is the magazine for men of business. It provides the best articles about economic trends and issues.

Bob Guccione had a dream of Hugh Hefner’s life. He decided to gain the same success with Penthouse. Originally, the magazine contained articles about urban life and some soft-core pornographic images. Now the soft-core became hard-core and the number of articles decreased.

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