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Do Not Give Up at the Finish Line: You Can Do It!

Do Not Give Up at the Finish Line: You Can Do It!

Most of the people who have ever launched a project probably know the feeling: when the biggest part of your project is already behind, suddenly you get scared to death right before the finish. 90 percent of your work is done, but you get stuck. What if I finish the project and fail? What if it was all wrong and it does not work? What if it turns out to be just a waste of time and money? What if nobody likes it?

People often try to find any excuse not to do the last ten percent of the work. The idea that after such hard work they will finally get the end result terrifies them. Especially the fact that they cannot predict whether they will succeed. Do not think you are the only one who faces this problem. The more expectations you have, the more doubts you may experience right before finishing the project.

Some people see that situation as a simple lack of discipline. With no discipline and no routine hard work, there is no success. Whatever you are doing, whether it is writing a book, painting a portrait, building an app, or launching a website, you need to concentrate not only on the final result but also on the process. Let us see what exactly we can do about these last stubborn ten percent of your work or project.


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