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David Fincher’s Se7en. Do We Know Everything About Its Final Scene?

David Fincher’s Se7en. Do We Know Everything About Its Final Scene?

Today, most of the top serial killer movies tend to be rather simple. The recipe for their creation is unsophisticated. Take one or, even better, two newly-crowned Hollywood superstars, put their characters into the screenplay based on a famous novel, and add some fabulous modern special effects. Such kind of film can even get an Oscar, but it will not live on in the audience’s hearts for twenty years. David Fincher’s Se7en film does. It has the same ingredients as all the popular thriller films include, but the finished meal turned out to be more than delicious.

Not a Buddy Comedy at All

The David Fincher Seven film was released in 1995. Twenty years have passed, but we still remember it and have even more reasons to discuss the film.

The originality of the movie and David Fincher style made it go far beyond the idea of a thriller. For those who did not see this masterpiece, we will describe its plot a bit. The film Seven tells us a story of two detectives, who pitch upon the variety of the dreadful crimes. A young detective David Mills, who had recently moved to an unnamed, but big American city from the upcountry, is appointed partner to the oldish but skilled detective William R. Somerset who wants to retire in a week. It is worth noting, that the Seven film cast is rather starry. The character of David Mills is played by Brad Pitt, and Morgan Freeman plays the role of detective Somerset. The 90s were the times when the couple of two male Hollywood stars playing two detectives could be easily considered as an obvious presupposition to a buddy comedy. However, though the main characters become buddies, the film is not a comedy at all.


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