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Criminal past of Mark Wahlberg revealed

Criminal past of Mark Wahlberg revealed

Playing badass fellows on the screen does not actually mean being badass in the real life. Actually, we perceive bad things in films and in real life in a very different way. And that is obviously normal because otherwise we might found ourselves adoring killers and robbers. However, some movie villains are played so well because actors have had a real experience of being bad. For many fans of Mark Wahlberg movies the fact he committed several crimes would definitely be an unpleasant surprise.

It is really hard to believe this brown-eyed cutie has participated in a couple of terrible crimes. Mark was raised in an impoverished background of Boston, so he was a successful drug dealer (and also addicted to drugs) at the age of 13. He had a normal hobby for a 13-year teenager—cars. Unfortunately, he was not collecting the pictures or models—he was stealing them. The actor recalls the fact he has once stolen the same car more than 10 times.

But if Mark Wahlberg criminal past makes you think of him as of a tricky, but cute scamp, you should know he used to be racist and had even beaten a man unconscious. At the age of 15 he organized a patrol which roamed around the neighborhood looking for the people of color. He was accused of attacking a group of black children and their teacher, as well as a Vietnamese whom he has beaten unconscious and robbed. This did not turn well for himWahlberg was captured and sent to prison.

His prison cell was the place where he changed dramatically. He started to work out and learn martial arts in order to protect himself since he was surrounded by people twice as big as himself. Those 45 days of imprisonment definitely has altered something in Wahlberg’s personality, as he has decided to turn towards the art. Though it was rap at first, he managed to succeed from the very outset—his first album immediately went platinum. And only after few years he got his first role and start becoming the Mark Wahlberg we know and love.

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