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Credit Card Robbery in Starbucks: Who Is Guilty and What to Do

Credit Card Robbery in Starbucks: Who Is Guilty and What to Do

Starbucks is probably the most affordable place to enjoy a cup of coffee and friendly service in the whole world. These “fast-drink” cafes are located in many big cities and even tiny towns of the world. Starbucks cafes have a nice peculiarity: every guest gets a paper cup of coffee with his name on it. This simple trick makes every customer feel welcome and surrounded by attention. But in Victorville, California, a Starbucks worker invented another horrible knavish trick to get something more than tips. In one of the Californian starbucks with a drive thru a customer was robbed—without stealing anything.

Elizabeth Becerra visited a local drive thru Starbucks with her brother. They were served and asked to wait for a few seconds for the worker to check the credit card data and print a receipt. After everything had been done, Elizabeth drove home. A few days later, it turned out that somebody used the woman’s credit card without her knowledge. This mysterious somebody made an expensive purchase at the grocery shop (212 dollars disappeared from the card) right on New Year’s day! The plastic card was not stolen or borrowed by somebody, and the last payment was made in Starbucks. That is when Elizabeth decided to settle the issue and talk to the Starbucks employee who had served them. The process of “getting even” was recorded on camera and then posted on YouTube.

Becerra decided to attack the alleged thief suddenly to see her very first reaction. The woman accused the Starbucks employee of making an illegal copy of her plastic card. Elizabeth’s strategy was very wise and efficient—the worker owned up to the crime without any denial or lying. The 19-year old Starbucks worker apologized sincerely and told her “victim” that she was just a high-school student who was keen on soccer.

But that attempt to mollify Becerra’s anger was unsuccessful. Elizabeth promised to file charges against that young scammer. Moreover, she uploaded the video of disclosure to the Internet to attract public’s attention to the credit card security issue. In the comments below the video, YouTube users separated into two groups: defenders of the 19-year-old Starbucks thief and her haters. Many people claimed that the worker was very confused by Elizabeth’s aggressive behavior, and she could not have performed such a trick herself. The girl took the blame upon herself, just to calm Becerra down. And the haters are sure that the former Starbucks worker (she was fired) was a part of the crime syndicate!

Official representatives of the local Starbucks claimed that it was the first and the last incident of credit card fraud in their cafe.

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