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Could Beards Be Hazardous for Your Health?

Could Beards Be Hazardous for Your Health?

Nowadays scientists are searching high and low for the new bacterial antibiotics. They are looking everywhere, from swamps to remote islands. But how about taking a glance at beards, which are so popular today? FunDailyFeed has discovered several studies in which curious researchers investigated facial hair.

The popularity of beards is coming back now. There are many followers of the goatee, the Van Dyke, the chin-strap, and the neck beard among men of different ages.

But with facial hair popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a spring rain, it inevitably causes negative feedback. Beard critics state that hair on a man’s face not only looks irritating and unnatural but can also potentially be a home for unpleasant bugs.

So, do beards really inflict harm on our health? Pogonophobes, or people who are afraid of beards, have confirmed their fears with the help of a recent investigation carried out in New Mexico. There, the scientists revealed evidence of enteric bacteria, which are usually found in intestinal wastes, in the beards of randomly sampled participants. Some newspapers have even written that man beards are “as dirty as toilets.”

But is it really a typical situation? Perhaps, the participants of the research were simply not fans of the shower. Fortunately for all beard fans, a recent study conducted by American researchers in one of the medical institutions, discovered completely different facts.


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