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Conlangs: Different Species, Different Languages

Conlangs: Different Species, Different Languages

Learning foreign languages is very hard, as a person needs not only to learn the grammar and vocabulary of a language but immerse in it fully as well. It includes listening and communication with native speakers. The most important factor is how much the person is interested in it, how much one loves learning the language and believes in their purpose. Many people perceive foreign languages with difficulties, as it is something completely unfamiliar to them. However, if the language is heard in a TV show or movie, there are always geeks who want to speak as their favorite extraterrestrial characters. The case is, some fictional languages are as full-fledged as any real-life language. Many massive fictional works have not only their own artificial languages, but exist in completely different universes with their own detailed history, geography, traditions, rules of nature etc. Some fictional languages are so scrutinously built that can be easily learned for communication and even have pages on Wikipedia written in them.


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