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Christmas Yellow Submarine Rocks Again

Christmas Yellow Submarine Rocks Again

Not only the songs of Frank Sinatra and Mariah Carey will be associated with Christmas 2015. The recording company that owns copyrights on immortal hits of “The Beatles” has announced a special holiday stream of their songs. Nine online services provided the fans with the rock-and-roll of The Beatles music on Christmas Eve.

Every music lover can now enjoy these history-making songs online on such popular services as Spotify, Groove, Google, Apple music, and some others. Such meeting of the iPhone generation and the immortal old school hits was organized not only to increase the popularity of the Fabulous Four.

The Beatlemania started at 00:01 on Dec. 24. Since that time, thirteen incredible remastered albums as well as the compilation of the four disks of the band have been available for streaming.

Digital versions of singles and albums of the Liverpool Four have been available for purchase on iTunes since 2010. That year, the first catalog of this legendary band was created. A number of purchases was incredibly big, and developers of the service proclaimed the beginning of the digital Beatlemania. It is difficult to believe: over the very first week, more than 400 000 of Beatles albums were bought by the iTunes users. The number of sold singles impresses even more—it was more than 2 million over the first week.

Music streaming service is an extremely popular occurrence nowadays. It allows every listener to feel like a part of a giant music machine and to share impressions in the comments. The Beatle-stream attracts attention of the youth to classic rock hits and, of course, gets them acquainted with the rare songs of The Beatles.

The Fab Four became a real musical phenomenon of the 1960s. They expressed the spirit of their age perfectly, being the leaders of the legendary British music invasion. But then the band was suddenly brought down because of rough conflicts between its members. Beatle-streams were developed to give the youngsters that never saw the British legends live a great opportunity to enjoy their songs in excellent quality. In other words, the aim of streaming is to immortalize the outstanding music heritage of the Beatles.

Before the creation of the catalog, the Spotify profile page of the Beatles was useless. But despite that fact, the page had gained more than 1 million subscribers. They were waiting for the day when the streaming service would be available. And this miracle finally happened on Dec. 24. It seems that Universal Music Group (the owners of The Beatles’ copyright) presented the Beatles fans with the best gift for Christmas, does not it?

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