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Chris Pratt was a stripper and Prince a basketball player—we are not fooling you

Chris Pratt was a stripper and Prince a basketball player—we are not fooling you

Most celebrities nowadays usually change one or two boring jobs before becoming famous. There are only a few lucky ones that manage to hit the big time from the very beginning. But sometimes these jobs are unusual to such extent you may think this is a silly joke. Still, those who now earn thousands of dollars every day really used to work as strippers, musicians or basketball players. For instance, Chris Pratt has changed a wide range of interesting pre-fame occupations. What would you think about the headline “Chris Pratt Stripper” in some internet article? Maybe, that the author has gone mad or just want to to smear the actor?

But Chris seems not only comfortable with the occupation he had at 17 years, he is kind of proud for making nearly 40$ per a bachelorette party. Besides working part-time at late evenings, Chris Pratt was a painter. He was even published in Teen People under the headline “Chris Pratt amateur artist”. And we should admit the paintings are rather good. He even painted a mural on the wall in a local café ran by his friend’s parents.

We are not used to famous people being basketball players unless they became famous for playing basketball. Who can ever believe that Prince basketball player is not a nonsense collocation? Actually, the future pop-idol was a quick, tricky and really enthusiastic player. Though during the high school he used to be a shy and rather nerdy kid, Prince was not beaten by more popular kids, he somehow managed to hang out with them.

So it makes you wonder whether the soulful drama described in the Purple Rain did actually happen. Nevertheless, the fact Prince has played basketball is true. But he used to warm the bench during most of the game.  Believe it or not, everyone who had ever played a ball with the singer admitted he was a fast and cunning player you have always keep an eye on.  These two incredible stories remind us fame and fortune may come unexpectedly, and you may have to try many different roles and occupations before you find the path that would lead you to the red carpet.

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