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  • The Walking Dead: the echo of history

    The Walking Dead: the echo of history0

    Would we be afraid of a zombie apocalypse? What do we actually know about zombies and what is their role in modern culture? It is still a phenomenon how the story on survival amidst the zombie apocalypse has reached such an incredible popularity in such peaceful and friendly society like ours. It is just a

  • Top 5 most disturbing movies of all time

    Top 5 most disturbing movies of all time0

    There are some films so disturbing that sensitive persons should better avoid watching them in a row or, for that matter, watching them at all. We collected the five most terrifying movies in the cinematographic history. They are so scary that they can change you not only emotionally but mentally as well. Well, we warned

  • 7 new TV shows to entertain you this fall

    7 new TV shows to entertain you this fall0

    While summer goes to its end and sunny days become shorter and chillier, the new season of TV shows is ready to begin. We do understand that it is extremely difficult to chose what to watch and how to stay abreast of the mainstream novelties, this is why we have selected the best new series

  • Mr. Robot: the greatest moments of the season

    Mr. Robot: the greatest moments of the season0

    The most prominent event in the world of TV series this summer was not anything to do with “True detective”, and even not “Blackhat”, but a dark horse—a new paranoid show about hackers, wild grin of capitalism and evil corporations—“Mr. Robot”. It was brought to us by a magic wand of the TV channel USA

  • SpongeBob SquarePants in Chicago theaters

    SpongeBob SquarePants in Chicago theaters0

    He is yellow and porous and lives under the sea. And now he is drifting to the Broadway. The famous Nickelodeon studios cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants already has SpongeBob video games, several comics, and two movies. SpongeBob is one of the main amusement parks entertainment sources through the USA, from the largest mall in Minnesota to