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  • 5 Most Insane Ways To Relief Stress

    5 Most Insane Ways To Relief Stress0

    If stress and daily problems make your life impossible, perhaps you need something more efficient than just taking a day off. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of stress and negative emotions. FunDailyFeed will tell you about the five craziest but still effective things people do to manage their stress.

  • 10 Best Films Turning 20 in 2016

    10 Best Films Turning 20 in 20160

    1996 was certainly a magical year in the world of cinematography. While every year surprises us with new movies and stories, actresses and actors, heroes and villains, 1996 turned out to be a special one. We have prepared a list of the greatest 1996 movies, and we bet you will not believe your eyes when

  • 7 Ways Technology Makes Us Lazy

    7 Ways Technology Makes Us Lazy0

    Today, scientists are working on technology that makes life easier and happier. However, such a scientific rush may eliminate our need for doing simple actions. Thanks to modern innovations, all we will need to do in the near future is sit in the armchair and enjoy our life. If a life in motion is not

  • Top 10 Most Extreme GoPro Videos Ever Recorded

    Top 10 Most Extreme GoPro Videos Ever Recorded0

    If you cannot believe your eyes when you watch extreme sports videos, GoPro cameras will dispel all your doubts. GoPro was a small unknown company when it sold its first camera in 2004. Since that time, these action cameras have transformed the way we film and watch the sports we love. FunDailyFeed has prepared a

  • Most Eccentric Movie Characters Ever

    Most Eccentric Movie Characters Ever0

    We all need a little madness in our lives. It makes the world more interesting and diverse. Real-life madness does not seem appealing. But we are left with movies and their abundance of eccentric characters. Movies have to be exciting. And what can be more thrilling than an interesting character? Simple characters are boring and

  • 10 Worst Scenes in Your Favorite Films

    10 Worst Scenes in Your Favorite Films0

    It is easy to find bad scenes in horrible movies and good scenes in awesome ones. But what about awful movie scenes in brilliant movies? Yes, it happens too. We have prepared a list of the worst movie scenes from your favorite films. However, remember that the movie list contains great items that cannot be