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  • London Fashion Week: Top 5 Craziest Collections

    London Fashion Week: Top 5 Craziest Collections0

    If fashion is a passion, 2016 London Fashion Week was its manifesto. From dark, Gothic-style, and even somewhat aggressive casual wear to huge blanket-inspired coats in nude and soft pink to glamorous skirts embroidered with sparkling crystals to chic cigarette pants to shift dresses with hourglass detailing and grid-patterned fine gauge knits, and so on

  • Winter Is Coming or How to Deal With Snowy Disaster

    Winter Is Coming or How to Deal With Snowy Disaster0

    Snow is always associated with something magical. Sparkling snowflakes, snow-covered trees, funny snowmen. But when it comes to heavy winds and snowfalls, all this winter wonderland does not seem to be so beautiful. Snowy disasters attack suddenly and paralyze all the life around. It is necessary to prepare for winter storms properly to protect your

  • 10 Cats That Became World-Famous

    10 Cats That Became World-Famous0

    Every kitty is charming and brilliant in its own right, but some of them grow up to be celebrity cats, winning the hearts of millions of fans around the world. We fall in love with these felines because of their extraordinary deeds or even just because they are so cute. In this article, FunDailyFeed has