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  • Adrian Fisher’s magic of maze

    Adrian Fisher’s magic of maze0

    Adrian Fisher is a creator of more than 700 mazes and is the most famous British mazemaker in the world. In his 36 he knows all about twist and turns. Every maze has a particular peculiar design, that is like fingerprints: you never find two similar ones. First mazes—labyrinths—appeared at the ancient times, and became

  • Australia will host wiener dog racing

    Australia will host wiener dog racing0

    Could there be something more cute and hilarious than a little-legged dachshund trying to run? Sure: a lot of little-legged dachshunds trying to run faster than others. This spectacular action is called “wiener dog racing.” Do you want to see it in real life? Make sure you can make it to Melbourne until the September

  • Online Tinder Dating harms tangible business

    Online Tinder Dating harms tangible business0

    James Young, who runs a nightclub in Melbourne, Australia, and his promoter believe that the popularity of Tinder, one of the best online dating apps, has caused the decrease in the number of the club visitors. He said that the times when you had to go to a club to pick up somebody are already