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  • Subways Are More Dangerous Than You Think

    Subways Are More Dangerous Than You Think0

    We love subways, for they are the easiest and cheapest way to get around in big cities. And we hate subways for their urine smell, lurking rats, and pickpockets. But dirty rodents and the risk of losing your wallet are not the only dangers you can find under the ground. Tons of people using subways

  • 7 Ways Technology Makes Us Lazy

    7 Ways Technology Makes Us Lazy0

    Today, scientists are working on technology that makes life easier and happier. However, such a scientific rush may eliminate our need for doing simple actions. Thanks to modern innovations, all we will need to do in the near future is sit in the armchair and enjoy our life. If a life in motion is not

  • Downshifting: A Case Against

    Downshifting: A Case Against0

    We all have read these tempting stories like “I quit my job today and become a traveler-photographer” or “I decided that it is enough of me to sit in the office, so I traveled to Goa.” You may thing, hey, why not indeed change my soul-sucking job for a time on a sea shore in

  • 6 Stories That Prove Pets Can Solve Crimes

    6 Stories That Prove Pets Can Solve Crimes0

    Among all the crazy things our pets are capable of, solving crimes looks especially impressive. Still, these six little cuties proved their loyalty in the most unexpected way possible—by helping to solve serious crimes.

  • 10 Worst Scenes in Your Favorite Films

    10 Worst Scenes in Your Favorite Films0

    It is easy to find bad scenes in horrible movies and good scenes in awesome ones. But what about awful movie scenes in brilliant movies? Yes, it happens too. We have prepared a list of the worst movie scenes from your favorite films. However, remember that the movie list contains great items that cannot be

  • 6 Best Websites for Watching Free Movies

    6 Best Websites for Watching Free Movies0

    If you prefer to watch good films when occasion offers, there is no need to pay for the Netflix monthly subscription. Nowadays, there are many websites on the Internet that offer legal streaming of films for free. Everyone will definitely find something for themselves from the variety of genres—from motion feature films to documentaries, from