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Blood Moon Rising Means Nothing Actually

Blood Moon Rising Means Nothing Actually

People tend to get silly or nervous about the things they either do not know enough about or afraid of. Basically, these two reactions have the same root—ignorance. Last week there was a big fuss about the “blood moon rising a phenomenon that was observable in the Western Hemisphere. From the scientific point of view, there is nothing special about this eclipse. Yes, the full lunar eclipse is kind of a rare thing, but not rare enough to give it a special mystical name.

We have no idea how, but an apocalyptic preacher named John Hagee has even managed to publish a book about it and translate it into Spanish. He was prepared, certainly. By the way, you could reinforce the feeling of thrill and horror while observing the eclipse for only $9 per paper edition. But if you missed the opportunity, there will be another one in 2033. So provide yourself with enough amount of apocalyptic literature to make the experience more emotional.

But seriously, this astronomical phenomenon was no more unusual than any other of its kind. And if you listened to the Physics teacher carefully, you would know that full moon eclipse is caused by the Earth’s shadow falling on the Moon. Apparently, the more you panic about anything—would it be the blood moon or a meteor-shower—the more people tend to believe it and join the collective hysteria. According to the Google data, people started looking up the “blood moon” in 2014. Until that time everyone knew this was just a beautiful  astronomical phenomenon called the lunar eclipse.

At what point we abandoned the basic scientific knowledge and started to believe every fraud who calls physical facts strange moronic names? This, not the “blood moon”, is a bad sign for the civilization. Unfortunately for all the normal people, this time we could observe the so-called “supermoon”. This happens when the Moon reaches the closed point to the Earth so it looks a little bit bigger. All in all, this is a silly hype and the phenomenon does not seem too unusual even if with the color and the size  combined.  When I was a teenager, like 13 years or so, I accidentally noted such “blood moon” once. And the End of Days, for some reason, did not come yet.

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