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Bikers against abusers

Bikers against abusers

Hounding and child abuse are big concerns of today’s society. The more we try to eliminate them, the stronger they get, like a mythological Hydra, growing two heads to replace the one cut-off. The problem is not only in finding ways of recognizing and preventing child abuse. It’s easier to take a porcelain vase to a safe place then try to put the pieces together after it is broken. A child who suffered from abuse can not feel safe anywhere. Our confidence and feeling of security are built upon a belief that we have people to rely on.

Mostly, these people are relatives and several close friends. But when someone from this narrow circle abandons or harms a child, who has a still-forming personality, the psychological and even physical impact could be huge.

To make things right, relatives have to create a persistent atmosphere of peace and safeness. Still, this is often quite impossible when it comes to child abuse cases. If a criminal case is in progress, a child might have to testify in the court against the abuser, and that can rub salt into fresh wounds.

Bikers know how to help children. They have created an association called BACA (Bikers Against Child Abusers) to help hurt children feel safe and sound again. Arizona chapter of the organization is on their way to help a girl abused by a close relative. Though some time has passed, and the criminal is not in the state anymore, the girl wakes up every night from repeating realistic nightmares. Now, if this happens again, she can call for her mighty mob of guardians. And they will rush to her house and stay there all night long.

To make her feel a part of the gang, the head of the Arizona wing, Rembrandt Pipes, gives her a real biker vest, but made of denim instead of leather. It is decorated with numerous patches, one showing her new name—Rhythm, which stands for dancing and singing girl. Bikers help children on their own accord, they are not getting any rewards or bonuses as social workers. But before joining the BACA and going to children, each biker has to undergo a special psychological training and a thorough background check. Also, they only visit children in pairs, so even the most trusted one is never alone with a child.

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