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Best self hypnosis tips you can try for yourself

Best self hypnosis tips you can try for yourself

Various old low-budget movies promoted the “Svengali image” of hypnotists who swing a pocket watch in front of you. Commercial shows used mass sessions that made people who are susceptible to hypnosis dance like chickens and behave abnormally. But how does hypnosis actually work? There is no mysticism about this process, it is a quite scientific activity that helps you relax. The benefits of hypnotherapy are proved by numerous scholars.

Do not be afraid of behaving strangely

People customarily believe that they will fall asleep during a hypnosis session. They are so suspicious because of the stereotypes in their minds. Yet, in reality people will not be unconscious, hypnotherapists can not control somebody’s mind nor can they make you do things that contradict your wishes.

Besides, to be hypnotized successfully you need to have an open mind—not resist this sort of influence. Of course, there are people who are more susceptible to hypnosis, but even they need to relax.

Have you ever been hypnotized?

Hypnotic states are very common in our everyday life. For example,  you may be so focused in the cinema that you ignore the people and ambiance around you. If you are daydreaming and lose the touch with reality, be sure—it is a hypnotic trance.

When you are under hypnotic suggestion, you can still control yourself but your mind concentrates on a narrow subject. You become more susceptible to the suggestions.

You can induce a state of trance yourself if you just follow the next advice.

  1. Find a peaceful place and relax.
  2. Find some object to focus on it. It should be small and situated above your normal sight line.
  3. Then, say the lines that are usually associated with hypnosis sessions: “My eyelids are becoming heavier and heavier. My eyes are closing…”
  4. Soon your eyes will actually feel heavier. Do not resist the urge to close them.
  5. Say the following phrase: just let it go, relax.
  6. Take a deep breath with your nose and hold it for 10 seconds.
  7. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Imagine the warmth and heaviness spreading through your body. Let it relax completely.

Done! You are in a state of a light trance. Now, you can just stay this way and calm your mind or deepen your state.

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