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Best Anime for Beginners: Choose Your Genre

Best Anime for Beginners: Choose Your Genre

Have you ever wondered whу millions of people love anime TV series? Going beyond numerous girly and “kawaii” cartoons, we can actually find many serious and entertaining pictures that may even be better than movies.

Yes, there are some specific features of anime that look quite irritating at first sight. Initially, you will simply have to put up with them and, in the future, you might even enjoy this weirdness.

There are a lot of different subgenres and styles that will satisfy even the most cavilling viewers.

The world of anime is complex and beautiful. It can bring great joy to the accomplished fans, but, at the same time, it is rather jarring for the newbies. It is perfectly normal to be confused by the extensive variety of anime titles. That is why FunDailyFeed prepared for you the list of TV shows that are perfect for the start of your exploration of this Asian world of fantasy, magic, and characters with bizarre hair colors.


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