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Benefits of Regular Exercise: Do Often, Get Better

Benefits of Regular Exercise: Do Often, Get Better

Benefits of regular exercise are something you cannot deny even if you have never tried them. It is probably one of the basic laws of any kind of activity: the more often you do it, the better you get. But in arts, such as music or painting, if you do not have enough practice you will lose skill after a while. This works differently with sports, though. Giving your exercises up can even be harmful to your body, and here we have some scientific information on why exactly it can be like that.

First of all, any research connected to measuring the amount of physical activity should be interpreted with some reservations. Our bodies have different strong points and weaknesses, we engage in different kinds of sports, prefer different ways of training. But there are some basic measurements, such as oxygen uptake, better known as VO2, which delivers quite accurate figures. And this index vividly shows that the fitter you are the greater you will fall. Of course, an elite athlete that has stopped training for some reason will still be more fit than a couch potato. But they will experience a bigger decline in measurements scores than an ordinary person with sedentary work will experience over a two months period of physical inactivity.

The oxygen uptake is the first thing to be affected in a case of sudden inactivity. In first 12 days of doing nothing your score will drop from 7 to 10 percent, whereas after 80 days of physical rest it will be only 16 to 18 percent. This demonstrates clearly that the worst side effects of detraining can be observed within the first two weeks. The dramatic decline in endurance, muscle power, and strength follow shortly after.

This fact may serve as the best inspirational poster against giving up your weight lifting schedule or yoga classes. Because not only you will see how your body gets weaker and fatter, but also the following recovery will require much more time. So, if you feel like skipping today’s training, remember all that cool muscles will soon be replaced by fat and you will look like a chubby lazy coach inhabitant.

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