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Be Afraid: Horror Stories That Are Actually True

Be Afraid: Horror Stories That Are Actually True

Horrors come to life

What is the scariest story you have ever heard? We bet it is one of the popular urban legends that seem to be so unbelievably frightening. Was it in a summer camp with your friends near a campfire? Or was it in your schoolyard when you were alone with a friend? Not only children are afraid of scary stories, the most terrifying ones scare even adults. Of course, we calm ourselves with the thought that they are just legends and fake stories—but, yet, there is a shed of truth in every “bogeyman story”. Would you be so fascinated with Bloody Mary, murderous dolls or the Hook-killer if you knew that they were real? Fortunately, they are just unproven horror stories. Yet, some of the urban legends that seem to be completely unimaginable, turn out to be real. Let us remember the most unexpected urban chiller-dillers that have happened in real life.


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