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Australia will host wiener dog racing

Australia will host wiener dog racing

Could there be something more cute and hilarious than a little-legged dachshund trying to run? Sure: a lot of little-legged dachshunds trying to run faster than others. This spectacular action is called “wiener dog racing.” Do you want to see it in real life? Make sure you can make it to Melbourne until the September 19.

Dogs race for dogs’ good

The upcoming event in Melbourne will not just be some crazy festival for little dogs and their owners. This one has a special mission―to help other puppies across Australia. This is why all the money raised during this show will be passed to the Dachshund Rescue Australia organization.

This organization saves pups across Australia. Volunteers and activists pick up lost, abandoned and homeless dogs, give them treatment and after that find a new home for every one of them. The upcoming dachshund sausage dog racing will help the organization raise more money for its wards.

There will be not only curious little-legged dog racing, but also the best-costume competition. And since there are no free places for dachshund racing competitors, you and your little pup can still fight for the “best-dressed” title.

The race is a part of the annual Oktoberfest festival at the Hophaus Bier Bar Grill. The event will be held from Friday, September 18 to Sunday, the September 27. Alongside with the Teckelrennen event (that is German for a wiener dog race), there will be a lot of German food, beer and music.

Dachshund racing goes all over the world

Australia was the first country that hosted an unusual dog competition. The very first wiener dog racing was held in the 1970s. At the beginning, the racing had only one purpose to entertain the guests, but after a few years these competitions turned into charity events. The money, raised at these events, was given to veterinary students and to animal protection charity.

Later the U.S. joined this initiative. The most spectacular modern wiener dog races are held in Stafford, KS and Atlanta, GA.

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