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Animals Are Strange and Amazing Creatures

Animals Are Strange and Amazing Creatures

In general, all animals have similar patterns of behavior—all of them act relatively similar. Of course, their behavior can be somewhat strange to people, as we do not speak a common language. But there are some animals, who act so strangely, that it can be even frightening. Two months a year, in an Indian village of Jatinga, birds scare superstitious people. On dark moonless nights in September and October, all birds seem to dive to the ground to meet their death. Though local people tend to believe that some supernatural forces are behind this, scientists believe that this behavior is caused by birds’ disorientation due to specific environmental factors.

Almost everybody has seen funny videos on the Internet about the goats, who “faint” when scared. They are myotonic goats and these animals do not faint—their muscles just freeze when they feel panic.

Since ancient times, it is believed that some animals can predict earthquakes. The time of prediction can differ—in some cases it reaches almost a week in advance of the disaster. Despite numerous evidence, a lot of scientists do not support the idea.

People like to categorize everything, thus the idea that plants can be carnivores is rather strange and unsettling. These flowers, widely known as carnivorous Pitcher plants, usually “eat” insects, but sometimes even rodents and birds can be trapped. And not only plants surprise people with their strange appetites. Some herbivorous animals, like sheep and cows, will eagerly eat meat if they do not have enough food.

Crows are not accidentally chosen for the best scary movies. They actually can remember a face of the person who harms them and then attack the offender. Strangely enough, their children also somehow develop a grudge against you.

Looking at the behavior of monkeys, people often see some similar traits with them. It is not surprising that we are eager to experiment and make them behave like human beings even more. As a result, we have some monkeys who like to smoke and drink. And they become addicted to these bad habits the same way as people do.

Mole rats are rather strange animals. Their most obvious repelling features are their appearance and complete blindness. But not many know that they can run in the dark as fast backwards as they do the normal way.

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