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All About Selena Gomez: What Is Lupus and How Dangerous Is It?

All About Selena Gomez: What Is Lupus and How Dangerous Is It?

No one, even the rich and famous, can avoid illnesses. They do, however, have more opportunities and resources to fix anything that is wrong with their bodies. On the other hand, not everybody would like to let the whole world know their diagnosis, and this is what celebrities have to cope with all the time. You must have heard about Selena Gomez illness, but let us go into detail about what this thing is and how to deal with it.

The name of Selena’s problem is lupus. It is an autoimmune medical condition, described by the inability of body systems to find and kill bacteria and viruses. Instead of this, the immune system starts creating autoantibodies, which attack healthy body tissues. This is a chronic disease, which means it might last a lifetime. Hopefully, if the patient properly takes care of their body, lupus will not threaten their life. However, the symptoms can be quite bad, including severe headaches, fatigue, fever, hair loss, and rashes.

Gomez reveals she had to take a break from her tour and undergo chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with lupus. Even after the treatment was over, the singer decided to take a little rest, since she was afraid of a new stroke. As Selena said in her interview, she locked up until she felt comfortable and confident again. Her fears are pretty legitimate: lupus is an unpredictable illness. The risk of blood clotting and even heart attack is high, but, according to the doctors, the disease is manageable if properly treated. The main problem with lupus is that it is a hardly recognizable illness, but once it is found, the treatment will help.

Now Selena Gomez is back, working on her new album “Revivals.” Does it have something to do with lupus or with Justin Bieber? Regardless of both, Gomez looks well and active. And there are no better signs of good health than these. We hope the singer manages to take care of her body properly, so lupus will not disturb her. Though the disease is chronic, it can “hibernate” for years if treated in a right way.

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