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Adrian Fisher’s magic of maze

Adrian Fisher’s magic of maze

Adrian Fisher is a creator of more than 700 mazes and is the most famous British mazemaker in the world. In his 36 he knows all about twist and turns. Every maze has a particular peculiar design, that is like fingerprints: you never find two similar ones.

First mazes—labyrinths—appeared at the ancient times, and became an important part of our life. We all know the tale about the mysterious Minotaur labyrinth having only one path leading to the center. In times of the Renaissance, nobles were amusing their guests by building labyrinths from the hedges in their gardens.

Britain is considered to be the country of mazes, so it is not a surprise that the most successful and prolific mazemaker in the world is British. He designed his own maze with an amazing octagonal tower in the native Dorset. Fisher often draws a sketch of a future building and thinks that a computer simulation does not provide as much excitement and is more suitable for preparing three-dimensional models.

The first steps Fisher has made as a mazemaker were royal: after his letter to The Times about the history of labyrinths designer was invited by the Queen Mother, Lady Brunner, to discuss his work on Queens’ maze at her home.

In Adrian opinion, maze should bring people a joy. Ideally they have to find the way out just before they have had enough, and, of course, be happy and disoriented. Actually, the disorientation is the key thing inspiring scientists: a lot of things can be investigated by analyzing rats behavior in mazes. The first animal maze have been developed at Clark University and was used to study association behaviors. But if earlier mazes were complicate, today they are designed not to puzzle, but to give a simple and short way which needs to be found.

Mazes, designed by Fisher, always have more than one configuration and can be changed, so, even if you find the way out today, next time it will not the same. Or imagine the maze in which the choice of direction is allocated at random. He says, for example, four people are sitting in one boat and have four steering wheels. Now you think you control the way, but next second you do not. No matter what the configuration is, what is important is that the maze confuses you.

Through such challenges it induces us to develop ourselves, to discover ourselves and to find the answers we cannot find. That is, Fisher thinks, a sort of real magic.

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