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Abstract Art Paintings Inspired by Colors of Butterflies

Abstract Art Paintings Inspired by Colors of Butterflies

Abstract art was meant to change our perception of shape and object, forcing us to think out of the box. Postmodern art can change our perception of everything, even such basic things in painting as color. Coloring plays a crucial role in creating light effects, mood and even characters of the people painted (if there are any). For a long time, painters used traditional substances with special pigments, which basically were oil paints, watercolors, and other paints according to the basic substance. Recently, it turned out there is more than one way of making our eyes perceive something as colorful, and modern art painting is here to change our perception of color forever.

Kate Nichols has succeeded in mixing art and science to create something tremendously beautiful. She studied the wings of the Morpho butterfly, which is famous for shimmering blue colors. Nichols called this a structural color since it is created by thousands of tiny structures reflecting light in different ways. Common color, which we all know well, depends on light absorption. The chemical composition of the pigment defines what kind of light it will absorb, and so the reflected light is the color we can see. On the contrary, structural color has nothing to do with chemical composition. It is based on tiny structures, reflecting rays of light of different lengths and in different ways. That is why this color shifts according to the angle of incoming light waves and the position of the observer.

Considering all this information, Nicholas decided to create a paint based on tiny particles rather than ordinary pigment. She contacted a physicist from the University of California and asked whether he could help her with this idea. The scientist was so curious that he invited the painter to try working in his laboratory.

For quite a long time the experiments were unsuccessful. The paint, when applied on glass, looked like a dirty windshield. But the painter managed to find the solution and created the first of her abstract art paintings using this paint. Now Kate Nichols is working on creating a widely-usable nanopaint.

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