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A disturber of the public peace on the yellow Ferrari claims full diplomatic immunity

A disturber of the public peace on the yellow Ferrari claims full diplomatic immunity

What kind of problems can you have, if you own a yellow La Ferrari estimated at $1.5 million dollars? The situation turns especially hilarious, when the driver claims he has full diplomatic immunity and so he cannot be arrested for unbelievable speeding. It turns out police has no right to start prosecution without evidence. Well, what about dozens people on Beverly Hills streets and a YouTube video watched by more than 600 thousand people?

Maybe, noting a Ferrari rushing past you on your way to work is not that bad, in case the driver is not trying to crash the vehicle or kill several people, which is exactly what he was trying to do in the video. We can observe some kind of competition raging around on the peaceful but narrow city streets. Magenta yellow La Ferrari is trying to fool white Porsche. And both drivers seem to be either drunk or outraged, because they speed, drive recklessly and try to ruin their cars. The Ferrari driver even succeeds in this, as he leaves a deep scratch on its flawless yellow side and causes a burnout at the end of the ride. Guys, if you do not need the cars, you can just give them away for free!

As for the police, they claim they did not see any violations, and so do not have any rights to proceed with enforcing the law. But, according to rumors, the real reason is that La Ferrari driver is closely connected to the royal family of Qatar. But the video has gone viral and caused some popular discontent, so the case is being investigated. Soon the case might be sent to the State Department in order to check the claimed diplomatic status, visas and the legality of the cars.

Journalist’s reports show the owner believes himself to be above the law, as he denied any violations. Also, the Ferrari owner seems not satisfied with him being here in America since he talked about our country in offensive language. Well, we either do not want the guest who cannot even be bothered to pat attention to our laws and traffic ordinance. We hope the case will be prosecuted soon and the Beverly Hills inhabitants will be able to walk the streets safely.

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