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A boy encouraged by rapper Fetty War to cope with his prosthetic eye problems

A boy encouraged by rapper Fetty War to cope with his prosthetic eye problems

You always get annoyed when your son starts to listen to that horrible rap music, wears a cap back to front and says “yo, wazzup” instead of “hello, mum”? Well, as a parent, you have some serious reasons to feel so, because rap is definitely not the music that teaches to be calm and nice to people. On the contrary, it seems to teach bravery and self-confidence whatever appearance they may take. Here is a story of a boy with Retinoblastoma eye cancer that will restore your belief in the power of the most maligned kind of contemporary music.

Inspired by famous rapper Fetty War, a teenager decided to ditch his prosthetic eye and bravely face the world without it. Thanks to the success of the rapper, who also has lost his eye at a very young age because of the first sights of Retinoblastoma, Jayden has finally decided he was not ugly, but different. According to the moving post his mother submitted to Facebook, the young rapper managed to give Jayden what family could not do—the courage and the audacity to be different. The boy had his eye removed at the age of 1 and 2 weeks, and after years of embarrassment he finally decided to go to school without his prosthetic eye.

Of course, Jayden is a great fan of Fetty War’s music and everything he does. This touching occurrence also turned his mother into the musician’s fan, and, according to her Facebook post, they are definitely buying his new album and going to concerts. To our mind, she should try to let the rapper Fetty War somehow know about this story, write him a letter or a message on the social media, and who know how this story will develop further. Maybe, the singer will find some time to see the boy in order to encourage him, show that his difference is his power and help to overcome his prosthetic eye problems.  So if you decided to make your son listen to anything, but rap, think twice. Of course, such specific kind of music should be introduced to immature minds with some reservations in order to keep teenagers from following the singer’s lifestyle.  Still, if this kind of music gives them courage and strength to live, who would say it is bad?

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