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8 Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Absent in TV Show

8 Favorite Game of Thrones Characters Absent in TV Show

Game of Thrones is the series that unites thousands of viewers all over the world. The original book, A Song of Ice and Fire, has even more fans. There are numerous theories about the future and past events of this world; with the fans of the series and the book often having different opinions and theories. People still like to compare the books by George R. R. Martin with the show created by Benioff and Weiss (or simply D&D) for HBO.

Of course, the TV show omitted many scenes and events; not surprisingly, considering the huge scale of the books. What is more disappointing is that some of the fans’ favorite characters did not make it to the show at all. And it makes people think that these characters are not relevant for the storyline and will eventually either die or be forgotten. So, who are the characters whom people miss the most?


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