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7 Worst Storms in the Northeast

7 Worst Storms in the Northeast

Each time we hear local weather warnings, we expect weather deterioration that is usually characterized by strong winds, heavy rains, and accumulating precipitation. Apart from these obvious characteristics, there are some specific features that relate only to northeasters.

Northeasters are cyclonic storms that appear from September till April in the eastern part of America and Canada, bringing along downfalls blown by hurricane-force winds from the northeast. These storms form as cold winds around a low-pressure area and can grow from hundreds to thousands of miles in diameter fueled by the warm water of the Gulf Stream.

Although not all northeasters are severe, they can potentially turn into massive snowfalls or rains, combining high winds and oceanic storm surges.

While such weather conditions occur in the U.S. quite frequently, there are a few northeasters that went down in history as the worst of all time. Keep reading this article to know more about them.


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