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7 Weird Things That Pokémon Go Brings Into Our Lives

7 Weird Things That Pokémon Go Brings Into Our Lives



The search for Pokémon requires the app to be constantly turned on and people looking at their screens, so there is always a danger of people stumbling upon something or getting hit by a vehicle. If you have never played Pokémon Go, it seems absurd that people can get injured because of a game. Yet, once you start playing, you will be so consumed by your phone that the surroundings will be somewhat limited.

A few cases of getting injured include a teen falling off his skateboard while chasing a small creature, a girl tripping on a cinder block, and countless teens wimbling into trees or walls.

Dead Body

There was also a case when a girl found a dead body while playing. Shayla Wiggins was trying to catch a Pokémon from a natural water resource. According to the girl, she jumped over a fence and was walking along the bridge when she saw something in the river. However, it was not an imaginary creature from the app, it was a dead body. According to the police, the death appeared to be accidental.

The incident is still one of the most unusual and weird things that have happened thanks to the game.

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