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7 Best Sitcoms Ever

7 Best Sitcoms Ever

Sitcoms are the favorite form of TV entertainment. No matter how many times re-runs are shown, people still watch their favorite comedies and laugh at their characters. Sitcoms have been present on TV for decades, and there are hundreds of them right now. However, not all TV shows become so popular that the audience still loves them even years after their last episode. The notion of a few people interacting and simply dealing with everyday problems is one of the best cinema creations.

Sitcoms can be very different and directed at various audiences, but there is always a set of versatile characters who possess a unique sense of humor and represent our friends, relatives, and even ourselves. At the same time, they fit together perfectly.

No matter how old you are and what you like, you probably have your favorite sitcom. But what are the most entertaining and popular TV comedies?

Here is the list of 7 best sitcoms ever.


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