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6 Stories That Prove Pets Can Solve Crimes

6 Stories That Prove Pets Can Solve Crimes

Murderer's DNA in a beak

Murderer’s DNA in a beak

In 2001, in Texas, Kevin Butler was brutally killed by two men who broke in into his house. The police had no clue on who did this; at first, it looked like there were no chances of finding the attackers. At least not until criminal experts recovered a DNA sample from a beak of Kevin Butler’s white cockatoo—Larry Bird.

As it turned out, the 18-inches-long exotic bird tried to protect its owner and attacked the robbers. Sadly, the bird got itself killed, but its bravery and loyalty allowed the police to solve the crime after all. The police ran the DNA sample through the database and it matched the DNA of Daniel Torres, one of the two robbers. A bit later, the police have also found his ally, who appeared to be Torres’ half-brother, Johnny Serna. Both men ended up in jail.

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