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6 Classic Cars That Ooze Style

6 Classic Cars That Ooze Style

Not Old, But Retro

What defines cool in the world of cars? Modern models are fast, beautiful, and show high performance on all aspects. But it is a classic car that will turn the heads of everyone. The fact that they have been created in the distant past does not mean that they are lame and old. And everybody who says this about classic cars does not understand a thing about the industry in general.

Modern auctions are full of classic cars that are sold for hundreds of thousands dollars, and every collector would give away a few modern vehicles to acquire one of those wheeled legends. Some cars on our list are part of the collection of the famous James Bond vehicles, and that is not surprising—he chooses only the best.

The next six cars are the high class of the industry.


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  • Sam Skelding

    half of this list is american shite, the stingray was the only decent one of those, the 1970 kpgc10 skyline GTR and the ferrari 250 gt coupe pininfarina are WAY nicer cars, this list is just full of common shite