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$50000 under your kitchen island

$50000 under your kitchen island

Who never used to dream of finding a treasure as a child? But when you grow up, you suddenly discover that all such findings get taxed, indexed, and may be taken away as a national heritage so that you will finish up holding $100 of your $100000 treasure. Nevertheless, the charm of such incredible discoveries is mainly in the feeling that you are the lucky one to find a safe in the kitchen.

Apparently, exactly this kind of story has happened to a young couple in Phoenix, Arizona. The couple has moved into the house two years ago, but the safe was discovered only several days ago. This is because the husband, Eddie, prefers DIY to ordering repair works, and he got to the kitchen renovation not long ago. After the demolition of the kitchen island, Eddie’s spouse noticed something lying on the floor. At one glimpse she realized they have found a safe in the kitchen.

It would be more of a disappointment than of a blessing if not for a home safe code they found earlier in the medicine cabinet. Eddie’s wife, Angie, was farsighted enough to save the code, just in case. According to the couple, first ten attempts were all failures. Probably the mechanism gathered rust and did not open even though the safe code was definitely right. But Eddie and Angie kept going and after a while they have finally heard the highly anticipated clicking sound after typing the safe code.

The safe in the kitchen stored a bottle of good bourbon, a book by Schumacher and nearly $50000 (mostly in old $100 banknotes). The book also contained several photos and some clues for finding a treasure. One of the photos had a note saying that someone named Alan should read this book, particularly some important underlined passages. The other picture is a map of the state containing a mark where a treasure might be found.

Also, there is a picture of “one tree becomes three” (as the note on its back says) and a bingo card with circled numbers. Thought, the couple is not very enthusiastic about their safe in the kitchen, mainly because nearly half of the cash will be taken from them by the IRS.

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